Rammi reads “Rammi” by Aubrey Ross – Chapter 3

Hello! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Since I read Chapter 2, I’ve been to Myanmar and back, completely lost access to a decent internet connection, and started attempting to learn Thai properly this time. To be honest, I’ve been putting off writing about this chapter for a while now, because flicking through it a couple of weeks ago left me with a feeling of NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NEVER PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME READ THIS NOOOOOOOOO… You get the point.
And also because my Kindle app expired, and I can’t actually load the update or WordPress with my 10KB/s internet connection (damn my Thai ISP).

So, I’m currently in a SRS BSNS workplace, stealing their Wi-Fi, making futile attempts to hide what I’m reading on my massive laptop screen because, well, let’s just say I’d rather be caught reading 50 Shades of Grey in public. Oh, the things I do for bad literature.

Chapter 3

We leave Rammi and Tavon and whoever else is important to this story for a while, and get to meet someone who is obviously the bad guy of this story. His name is (Master) Alrick, LOLZ, and Chapter 3 begins with him sexually harassing some poor girl called Janna, who wisely runs away before this Alrick guy coerces her into sleeping with him. But Alrick’s not disappointed for long, as some other girl called Celeste that he’s already taken up the ass walks in immediately after and tells him she wants to be fucked. Alrick starts fantasising.

Desire slammed into Alrick like a fist. He’d fuck Celeste’s virgin cunt and then ream Janna’s virgin ass! His cock bucked like a wild thing and his balls burned for release.

Um. No. Just… No! I do not want to imagine dicks bucking like anything, let alone as if they had minds of their own, completely separate from their owners!

But as we’re not even past the first page yet, it soon becomes clear that Ms. (Mrs?) Ross is playing a game of “How Much Can You Gross Out Rammi in a Book Chapter?” In this universe, these Veil Keeper girls have “mystic shields,” that protect their virginity. How? By zapping every dick that gets close to their private parts. Yes, these girls walk around with fucking tasers strapped to their genitals.

The mystic shield reinforced a Veil Keeper’s hymen during the first two years of training. Through trial and error, Alrick had discovered what he could and could not do with these mystically guarded virgins. Generally their clits were unaffected, but occasionally the shield was powerful enough to protect even that delightful little nub.

It gets worse. This Celeste girl walks in to tell Alrick that she’s passed her final exam, so her mystic shield has been deactivated, and he can penetrate her at last, which leads to the following passage:

If she were lying about her mystic shield, he’d whip her. He’d ventured too near her core three weeks before and her shield engaged. The blisters on his cock had finally healed—it was not an experience he cared to repeat.

Parting her folds with one hand, he eased his middle finger into her cunt. Tight, hot, wet. No stinging pain, no searing intensity.

There is nothing that can accurately describe my reaction upon reading “the blisters on his cock had finally healed.” The mental imagery… DO NOT WANT DO NOT WANT DO NOT WANT TO READ THIS EVER EVER AGAIN. NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE. JUST NOPE.

But of course, since we’re only a few pages in now, every sentence appears to be more horrifying than the last one. They’re interrupted by another guy called Brodi, and instead of doing what any normal couple in the throes of passion would do when caught, i.e. cover up, Alrick asks Brodi to join them, like he’s inviting him for high tea at Buckingham Palace instead of asking him to start a threesome.

I honestly have no words to accurately describe how terrible everything is from this moment on, so I’m just going to pull a bunch of quotes from the book and you can read them while I go and throw up in the nearest corner.

“You will pleasure Brodi with your mouth until I tell you to stop.”
“But, Master Alrick—”
“You will do as I say or we both leave. Make your decision now.”

Are you fucking kidding me?

With his fingers still wet from her pussy, Alrick impaled her ass. She cried out and he chuckled, closing his mouth around her swollen clit. Her anal passage squeezed him so hard he feared she’d bruise his fingers.

Brodi pulled out of her mouth, his cock gleaming in the candlelight. Alrick felt his own cock jerk at the sight.

…Wait, what?

He coated his cock with her cream and pressed against her entrance. “You’re very wet, but you’re also tight. This may sting a little.” Grasping her hips, he thrust to the hilt in one forceful lunge. She screamed, back arching off the altar. Alrick stiffened, afraid he’d hurt her badly, then felt the deep pulsations ripple around his cock.

And, we end on one last piece of bullshit for you, courtesy of Aubrey Ross here.

If he hadn’t felt her hymen tear, he would have doubted her virginity.


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